Participants wanted for workshops and performance Corbeaux

Are you a woman aged between 15 and 45? Would you like to participate in a workshop by a famous international artist? This is your chance!

On 1 and 2 April this spring, the renowned choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen is coming to Utrecht for two days to teach a workshop. This Moroccan artist has been creating highly successful dance performances for decades and is an established name within the international dance field. The workshops will form part of the preparations for Bouchra’s show Corbeaux, which will take place later this year during SPRING Festival. Bouchra will be here by invitation from SPRING in collaboration with Dancing On The Edge Festival, the co-presenters of her show.

Special opportunity
The workshop offers a unique experience and is taught by a remarkable artist. In addition, there is a chance you may be selected to join the performance Corbeaux, together with ten Moroccan performers, during SPRING! 

During the workshops Bouchra will be working on various exercises involving movement and vocalisation. The group will consist of a maximum of twenty participants;
• The first part of the workshop focuses on warming up and learning about 'forgotten' traditional dances from different regions in Morocco.
• The second part of the workshop focuses specifically on elements from the performance Corbeaux, like rhythmic movement, interaction and use of vocals.

What, where, when?
Attending the workshop is free! Experience as a performer is not required, although it is important that you are physically fit. If you have any neck problems or suffer from vertigo (dizziness), we would advise you not to participate. 

When can you attend a workshop? (Duration approx. 3 hours, including introduction and after talk)
• Saturday, 1 April (10:00-13:00 or 14:00-17:00)
• Sunday, 2 April (14:00-17:00hrs)

Would you like to join?
And are you available on 1 or 2 April? Sign up quickly by emailing your name, phone number, date of birth, (passport) photo, preferred date / time and a motivation to You can also use this address for any questions.

Please note: If you are selected to perform during the festival, it is important that you are available for rehearsals. These will be held from Saturday 13 May until Wednesday 17 May. Of course you should be available for the days of the performances as well: shows are planned for Thursday 18 May, Saturday 20  May and Sunday 21 May 2017.