Julian Hetzel & Katja Heitmann at SPRING 2017!

Julian Hetzel - Schuldfabriek
Schuldfabrik is an artistic statement about the conflict between the economic and ethical meaning of the term 'debt'. Debt is the primary source of this work, a resource that can be activated and possibly traded. The concrete form that Julian Hetzel has found is the upcycling of human fat (as waste material after liposuction - and as undesirable result of Western Excess) to a high-quality piece of handmade soap as an art object. Schuldfabrik is a performative installation that you can visit: a temporary soap factory where people work, mining for raw materials, processing them to soap, pack and sell.

All profits from this exclusive sale go to www.waterwellsforafrica.org - who drill clean water wells in Malawi.

NL Premiere / SPRING coproduction - Venue and dates will be announced later.

Katja Heitmann - Pandora's Box
The young choreographer Katja Heitmann wonders how Pandora's Box looks like in our current Western capitalist world. What do mischief, misery and hope mean in our society driven by control and prevention? What does the modern Pandora, the perfect human, look like today? With today's technology as a philosophical premise, Katja creates performances combining dance and visual arts.
Along with DansBrabant and Het Huis Utrecht, SPRING supports Katja Heitmann's development in the context of the Nieuwe Makers Regeling from Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Premiere / SPRING coproduction - Venue and dates will be announced later