SPRING is... accessible

The SPRING organisation makes every effort possible to promote accessibility, also for visitors with an impairment.

This is why SPRING is part of Toegankelijk Theatermaken, a project initiated by the VSB fund and 5D to increase the accessibility of festivals. The advice which 5D offered SPRING after an inventory have sparked a more active accessibility policy. In collaboration with the venues, SPRING is facilitating the wheelchair bound in and around the buildings or sites. But we are also using our website and service mails to inform our guests about things such as the use of (substantial amounts of) text in performances or the use of technologies such strobe lighting.

Listed below are any specifics per location (see Locations for the address, parking possibilities and a map):

The track around Utrecht is being renovated Sat 21, Sun 22 and Thur 26 thru 29th May. This can result in extra travel time 15 to 30 minutes . See ns.nl/treinverkeerutrecht for current times. 

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
There is room for a few wheelchairs in the Douwe Egbertszaal.
There is room for four wheelchairs in the Blauwe Zaal.

Theater Kikker
In both theatre halls there is room for two wheelchairs.

There is room for two wheelchairs in the theatre hall.

Galerie SANAA
There is room for a few wheelchairs in the gallery.

Location Theater Utrecht (Kooijdijk)
- There is room for two wheelchairs.
- The performance takes place in the open air. Our advice is to wear warm clothes.
- The location is best accessible by bike. There is limited parking space for cars.
- Toilets are available, also for wheelchair users.

Listed below are any additional details per performance:

Theater Utrecht / Davy Pieters - Re-enactment of the Now
(Sun 15 May – Mon 16 May (try-outs), Tue 17 May – Wed 18 May, Fri 20 May – Sun 22 May, Wed 25 May – Sat 28 May)
- The performance is mainly spoken in (accessible) English.

Simon Mayer – Sons of Sissy
(Fri 20 May and Sat 21 May)
- Loud music will be used in the performance. Earplugs are available in the theatre.

Theater NO99 Ash and Money
(Fri 20 May and Mon 23 May)
- English subtitles.

Maud Le Pladec / Ictus Ensemble CONCRETE
(Sat 21 May and Sun 22 May)
- A stroboscope and also loud music will be used in the performance. Earplugs are available in the theatre.

Toshiki Okada / chelfitsch – Time’s Journey Through a Room
(Mon 23 May and Tue 24 May)
- Surtitles in English and Dutch.

Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek / CAMPOSchönheitsabend
(Tue 24 May – Thu 25 May)
- A stroboscope will be used in the performance.

Milo Rau / IIPM / CAMPO – Five Easy Pieces
(Thu 26 May and Fri 27 May)
- Surtitles in English.